This is a strategic formal collaboration that will better enable us to sustain and expand home health care and hospice services and wellness programs in the communities we serve.

Home health care and hospice providers are facing increasing pressures that challenge our ability to sustain or expand a high-level of care into the future. Complexities in technology, licensing and administrative requirements demand an increase in expertise that require a certain level of scale and efficiency. Duplication of services in overlapping territories squander resources that could be better used serving the community in a collaborative way.

Concord Regional VNA and Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice have a longstanding history of working closely together. Our missions are similar and our service areas are in close proximity, with some community overlap. Our agencies often collaborate on ways to best provide home and community based health care services to the many communities we serve.

Patients will continue to receive the same high-quality care they always have, along with additional access to clinical expertise, community benefits and wellness programming.  A unified organization will strengthen our ability to deliver home health care and hospice services, and help perpetuate access to care for the most vulnerable people in our service area.

Combining our organizations also stands to simplify the process by which providers refer patients for care.  We anticipate that the increase in quality of care and community benefits will deepen our relationships with providers and community service organizations throughout the region.

Decisions such as this will be made further along in the process through the collaboration of both organizations.

Decisions such as this will be made further along in the process through the collaboration of both organizations.

We anticipate Beth Slepian, current president and CEO of Concord Regional VNA, and Lisa Dupuis, current CEO of Central NH VNA & Hospice, will lead the organization as CEO and COO, respectively.

There are no plans for layoffs or new hires. Employees will continue their job functions as we continue to explore integrating our organizations.

Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice has accomplished two successful mergers in its history. One in the late 1980s (merging a hospice agency with a homecare agency) and one in 2010 (merging of two homecare and hospice agencies).